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Nexus 3.0 – In a nutshell – Updates and Breaking news


It sounds like 2023 was a very successful year for Nexus 3.0. We were able to complete our first full year of work and make progress towards our main goals. As an NGO, we were able to strengthen our working foundations and principles and build stronger relationships among our team. Additionally, we were able to fine-tune our vision for the future and lay out a comprehensive plan of action.

On the ground, we implemented two main programs: the GALP scholarship program for students fleeing the war in Ukraine, started in September 2022 and that continued throughout 2023; and the new “Beacon of Hope” initiative, launched in summer 2023 which aims to provide educational opportunities for Afghan girls and young women in Portugal. In the framework of the GALP scholarship program, Nexus 3.0 organized a three-day retreat for the scholarship holders in Guimarães, where they were able to acquire soft skills in a relaxed atmosphere with the help of coaches and trainers.

In both cases, it is crystal clear that education be it formal or informal, helps young people bounce back and keep going in the face of adversity, it builds resilience and hope for the future.

Last but not least, in 2023 we renewed or made new amazing partnerships, notably with Higher Education Institutions in Portugal, philanthropies, companies and other NGOs, notably with Uma Causa por Dia (   It goes without saying that our journey throughout 2023  and all that we have accomplished would not have been possible without the support, the collaboration  and the cooperation with all our partners and friends. Let’s hope that in 2024 we will go above and beyond in all our joint efforts.



Setting up an emergency academic fund in Portugal is one of the main goals identified by Nexus 3.0 for 2024.

This initiative can definitely make a significant impact in addressing academic emergencies in fragile and conflict-affected contexts. This is why we are quite excited to start working on it.

To kick-off this project, a very preliminary presentation was prepared for comments (PPT file). 

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