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about us

Nexus 3.0 was founded by 3 women from different walks of life to help make the world a better place to live.

who we are

Nexus3.0 is a non-profit organization under Portuguese private Law.

It was founded on 29 April 2022 by 3 women from different walks of life – a scholar, a journalist and a diplomat – but who share the same goals and dreams – to help make the world a better place to live; to provide people being left behind because of conflicts and violence with education opportunities; to focus on science, arts and culture as drivers for social change and prosperity; to advocate for more cooperation and collaborative action to enhance policy change and foster results on the ground.

The three founders, together with a small group of VIP – Very Innovative People – make up the Nexus 3.0 leadership and community .

our people

As a Non-Governmental Organization, the Nexus 3.0 replies upon a leadership and a members community. Together, they are responsible for ensuring good governance based on respect of the rule of Law and other principles such as transparency, responsiveness, consensus oriented decision-making, accountability, participation, equity and inclusiveness, effectiveness and efficiency.

the board

Executive decisions are taken by the Board of Directors. It meets at least four times a year. The seven Board members are elected for a period of four years by the full members of the Nexus 3.0, with the possibility of re-election for another term. Among the seven members of the board, there is a chair, a deputy chair and a secretary general.

Amer Obied


Ana Margarida Nunes


Ana Santos Pinto

Secretary General

Cláudia Pereira


Helena Barroco


João Jacinto

Financial Officer

Sofia Lourena

Deputy Chair

financial management

There is a team made of three members responsible for monitoring Nexus 3.0’s finances in a way that it allows it to be successful and compliant with regulations

Armanda Fonseca


Fernando Chau


Francisco Higino Antunes


general assembly

The General Assembly is composed of all members and is the governing body of the Nexus 3.0. It approves new full and associate members, elects the Board of Directors, and confirms the Nexus 3.0 activity plan and budget. The General Assembly meets at least twice a year and it is chaired by a president who relies upon a team of two members.

Cecília Sequeira

Deputy Chair

Pedro Bacelar


Teresa Baptista


advisory board

The Nexus 3.0 will set up an advisory board made up of carefully selected members from various walks of life that will provide strategic advice and mentoring to help the Nexus 3.0 navigate through our challenging and complex times and better understand how to steer Nexus 3.0’s course.

what we do

  • The Nexus 3.0 is an operational NGO – it designs and develops projects, programmes and events within four main focus areas – education, science, arts and culture – in contexts of fragility, conflict and violence
  • The Nexus 3.0 is an advocacy NGO – it advocates for education, science, arts and culture in contexts of FCV and its ultimate goal is to drive paradigm change in this field by promoting the triple nexus approach.
  • The Nexus 3.0 is an innovation hub to encourage people to share their ideas and perspectives , to find new solutions for problems  relating to our mission statement

our strategy

For the 2022-2024 period, the Nexus 3.0 has identified two sets of priorities and goals to be achieved:

  • Actions aimed at making the NGO stronger and more resilient (such as building its sustainability through strong networks and strengthening its capacity in resource mobilization) as well as expanding its outreach at international level.
  • Actions aimed at expanding activities on the ground as well as increasing the number of advocacy actions


how we work

Nexus 3.0 works in partnership with any relevant stakeholders to develop projects and initiatives

our values & principles

Our values and principles are the heart of everything we do. They guide us to be the best we can be and deliver the best possible results for everyone we work with:

  • Our action is shaped by the principles of Humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence;
  • A strong can do attitude;
  • Effective collaboration based on a cooperative attitude and leadership
  • We care for what we do and who we work with.
  • We stimulate innovation approaches to unlock creativity, shape impactful solutions and deliver sustainable change


The Nexus 3.0 is funded by proportionate membership fees.Its activities will be financed by contributions of partners, donations and grants.